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In the first half of 2016 sales meeting

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
- - - - - - - 'More competitive - A new situation was created in 2016.
' 7. 1 is the 95th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China festival festival, Qusheng plastics industrial park of the Qusheng and seven industrial park located enterprises together held a 'more competitive - Create a new situation 'half year sales summary meeting.
for Qusheng group in 2016 was an extraordinary year, under the circumstances of the domestic economic situation is not clear - 1 In June, purchase new machines, new industrial park construction successively in 20 million, highlights the Qusheng valiant man unafraid to adversity rushed to vision.
https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/' hereinafter referred to as Qusheng plastic 'general manager made a speech. Time to recognize the economic situation, grasp the market dynamics, the correct cognition itself in the country's position in the industry who dared to face up to less than, have the courage to challenge, dare to strong-arm reaction to the harsh market environment environment. Said a few words, and nothing but the colleagues of the heart, the meeting broke into thunderous applause. Ministry of foreign trade sales director comrade navigation do speak on behalf of the sales department, first in the first half of this year I company's foreign trade sales than in previous years has greatly improved, has received more than 30 international customers, including the international well-known enterprises, believe in the second half of the year will be groundbreaking scored big foreign trade. 1 - the company sales department Total net sales in June 81. 06 million, of which 69. 95 million yuan Plastic collapsible crateseries products basically completed the company established sales task. Given in the first half because of involving the Spring Festival holidays such as impact on sales, in the second half of the impact of the task of half one hundred million yuan should be no problem. NiuShi film industry representatives spoke industrial park in factory, first of all to thank Qusheng group for many years in factories in various aspects meticulous GuanHe and help thank you, at the same time hope with the help of Qusheng dongfeng and Qusheng grows together. Then a functional departments actively, vowed to fight for Qusheng better tomorrow together.

sales summary after the group organized a lively party hearty reception banquet, and specifically hired well-known host jin-cheng liu presided over the party, all was transported with joy. Finally wish a better tomorrow of Qusheng plastic, Qusheng brand Plastic collapsible crateproducts can make persistent efforts to open a wider market both at home and abroad.

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