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Injection way in the production of plastic tray different color will affect the quality of the plastic tray?

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
Injection way in the production of plastic tray different color will affect the quality of the plastic tray?

for this problem, the color, of course, does not affect the product quality of plastic tray. In daily life, we can see when buying plastic tray plastic tray color diversity, there are blue, green, black, yellow and other colors, we how to select in the color of the plastic tray? The color of the plastic pallet would be more healthy, that is the most common blue, rich in other colors or color. Now, simple introduce for you. Manufacturers professionals is introduced because of the plastic tray normally is blue color, the great convenience for many plastic pallet manufacturers use of recycled plastics, plastic tray, on the one hand, disrupted the market order, on the other hand also users suffered losses. Comparing product weight also use some of the user, the weight of the products as the standard to measure the price of various plastic tray products, actually this kind of practice have been sensitive to detect the enterprise, they use the consumers of this kind of psychological, heavy material such as to add part of calcium carbonate products, not only reducing the generation of their cost will greatly improve the product, its weight consumers don't even know it. So in the process of daily purchase of plastic tray, don't just look at the tray a unilateral, quality or color, want to see quality from various angles. On the characteristics of the mainstream of the current domestic Plastic collapsible crateproducts, only the characteristics of the product itself, can not without some other functions so unable to form a brand benefit. Changes because of the features of the product is so difficult to fixed impression on the market, but the brand will form a continuation after built up from transfer effect, the transfer effect not only exists between enterprise and customer, but also exists in the customer, the customer is preferred for plastic tray brand now, and in the future for a period of time will still has memories of a brand plastic tray, which is why many enterprises spend a huge sum of money to build industry brands. So when buying plastic tray, if you need to buy a variety of color classification is plastic tray, if not classification can buy blue plastic tray. Color for plastic tray, actually not too big effect, because their material is the same, just different colors. If it is simple to use in daily life, don't use the classification, can be one of the most common blue, if the application is relatively extensive, and the product category is more, also can choose the color of the plastic tray, so can differentiate class purpose and belonging, can be convenient for daily use.
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