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Introduces a plastic tray in the delivery of professional application prospect

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
First from the delivery of professional plastic tray downstream demand, in a sense, plastic tray can be called the packing of the goods, it can turn over, with goods in the delivery of the entire, whether through several delivery methods, can from a transport tool change to another kind of transport tools, without unpacking dismantling can be directly sent to the shipping address. in transport logistics flow, flow, such as category is now widely used, its outstanding advantages, widely Shared.

in recent years, with the development of economy, China's logistics industry continues to heat up. In high-speed increase under the situation of logistics industry, logistics industry highlights the two big characteristics. Is a high-speed steady economic development makes the market demand for efficient and convenient modern logistics has become more and more urgent. Second, China's logistics infrastructure, backward technology and equipment level of reality. Such two characteristics both shows an infinite potential of China's logistics industry to carry out, also exposed the disadvantages of China's logistics industry a serious lag.

the power of logistics progress and reduced capital without plastic tray. A product off the production line from that moment on, it has close relationship and tray, transfer transport, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, circulation, distribution all these logistics link, if do not have the tray, to consume more several times, more time and labor. As long as the goods will be puttinged specification is consistent with goods must be in the shape of a volume unit, is perhaps complete mechanization and automation, real power to drop in capital, the progress of intention. Can say, Plastic collapsible crateis the basic equipment logistics each link seamless docking, if the lack of the tray, the modern logistics industry integration, standardization and rapid response is also impossible.

the use of the tray together with medical logistics professional standardization process immediately, because the medical profession to tray cleaning quality demand more and more strict, traditional wooden tray has been short of the demand of the pharmaceutical logistics. Wooden pallet show long time shelves so that the wooden pallet quality is difficult to reach the shelf load demand. This makes the high bearing, high strength Plastic collapsible crateinto the medicine logistics professional market.

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