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Introduction Of Moving Crates

Introduction Of Moving Crates


On our recent news we are happy to introduce yet another important dividers. Our dividers for moving crates are made to improve the safe way of packaging fragile things, mostly for kitchen glasses and plates. We are convinced that these designs are important to improve the way moving companies handle their clients things. To meet the clients needs, color, dimension all designed. At Shanghai Qusheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd we do not only guarantee the good quality products that are robust and can stand all types of weather conditions. On top of that we can change your ideas in to practice, designing the mold from scratch and turn it into the exact product one had in mind.

 Introduction Of Dividers For Moving Crates 1.jpg

These crates are robust in design as they will be used for fishing industry. The robust design will also help to stand outside hard conditions and can stand low refrigerator storing conditions. Fishing industry is known to extreme low temperatures and these baskets can bare upto -30 degrees of storage in a refrigerator. 

Our clients don’t only trust us to provide not only quality plastic products but also best buying experience, our product list consists of plastic moving totes with hinged lid, other perforated baskets with swing bars, plastic pallets.


We support different types of logo branding. Silk screen printing, hot stamp printing, thermal printing or product engraving printing, and it didn’t surprise us at all seeing our client branding these boxes with silk screen because, it’s affordable and stands out especially when you print it in one color. We believe in branding your company belongings in general. The brand is the one that catches the eye of the customer more than anything, that is why we have invested on this service to help our clients better and meet our clients high standard.

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We also have bigger dividers for our plastic pallet boxes as well for car parts transportation, and these dividers are available in many materials, cloth material, plastic material to even paper material depending on our clients needs and requirements.


Our plastic products differ in design so the printing space to some is only available on the long side, to some only available on the short side and to some of our products you can print on all four sides. Same can be said with our folding plastic pallet box or coaming boxes, plastic moving crates, and turnover boxes.

It is unfortunate that products like, vented plastic baskets, perforated and collapsible crates for farm use and plastic pallets has a small space for logo printing so the logo tends to be smaller than usual, but that does not stop us finding ways to meet our clients demands. That is what make Shanghai Qusheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd a great company to cooperate with. The more you purchase the lower the price as our prices differ based on quantity purchased.


Stay tuned and find out the product we’ll feature on our next week’s news category.

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