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Introduction to cooperate of turnover for the plastic pallet handling equipment

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
Introduction to cooperate of turnover for the plastic pallet handling equipment
when transporting job one of the main operation of logistics distribution center. With the development of logistics industry, according to the actual needs of the logistics distribution center is a great variety of design and production of handling equipment, complete specifications. Common handling equipment is carrying vehicles is given priority to, can be divided into two major series. Is a kind of load is long forklift series, another kind is carrying a lighter cargo short manual trolleys series.
forklift series classification: forklift truck is mainly used for high and handling of the goods on the plastic tray. Press for high capacity can be divided into two categories, high and lifted up high. Low for high vehicles are generally tray, held up the range of 100 ~ 150 mm. Is lifted up high vehicle general forklift, its high range can be up to 12 m. In accordance with the operator position, power and range of application for fine classification.
walking vehicle type classification and selection: walking type vehicle type variety, about walking type transport vehicle operating speed limit usually below 5 km/h. One-way transportation distance within 100 m. If the transportation distance, frequent operation, homework personnel fatigue, reduce the work efficiency. In high storage density and the stacking height under the condition of low, walking type vehicles can make a good job performance.
with plastic pallet use walking forklift stacking height is general control under 5 m. In order to ensure safety, should be installed security frame in the assignments section. Forklift truck load on foot speed at 0. 1 to 0. Between 2 m/s, speed and size of battery voltage, lift frame form, related to the size of the load weight and hydraulic pump. The height, width, length and weight of the unit load must be in conformity with the transportation standard specification. Transportation standards including pallet size, transportation distance and the stacking height. In addition, slope gradient, floor load conditions should also be considered, lifting restrictions, clearance and environmental conditions, such as the impact on the unit load.
with tray operation control mode of handling equipment: walking type operation efficiency directly affected by the control mode of the vehicle. Control problems such as speed, ascending, brakes and back control. Level of handling control by the end of the handle to realize the control of speed and direction. General speed control with two, three gears and back control. Ascension and put down the hydraulic control is the use of an electronic switch or manual lever. Brake control is when the steering handle in vertical and horizontal position automatic braking. Operational vehicles when the handle is in any other location. For the sake of operation safety and improve the efficiency of handling equipment, forklift also handle back function.
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