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Investment opportunities in plastic industry

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
Plastic manufacturing nearly a year and a half since significantly outperform the market, predict industry may have to the inflection point; PE plastic industry historically reasonable valuation, compared to other chemical industry have valuation advantage. Plastic is an important raw material in the national economy, plays an important role in modern society: the plastic is a plastic polymer compounds. Current plastic generally based on synthetic resin or natural resin base makings, add various additives, reinforced material and packing, in a certain temperature and pressure molding of solid materials or products. Due to the unique properties of plastic, plastic products has been widely used in modern society. Traditional plastic products mainly used in packaging, agriculture, construction, etc. , and with the continuous development of The Times and gradually strengthening production technology, have sprung up all kinds of high value-added new plastic products.

stabilised the global economy has entered the recovery phase. Manufacturing PMI in major economies since 2009 has been in a rising channel, indicated that external demand is good. And the domestic economy will gradually into the soft landing channel in the first half of 2011, and in the second half of a passage into a new round of long-term growth. Combined with foreign economic situation gradually improve and rapid economic development in China, our country plastic industry facing new development opportunities. In spite of the real estate regulation will not relax, affordable housing construction, regional and industry 'twelfth five-year' plan and construction of water conservancy infrastructure will provide support to the investment scale, good plastic building materials industry; Disposable income growth in consumption upgrade will also be for plastic downstream positive home appliances and automotive industry; National policy will also promote industrial upgrading of new plastic materials industry further development.
in traditional plastic subsectors, advice to focus on plastic tubing industry leader, sichuan shares ( 300198). ( 300198). ; All new plastic packaging film production enterprises in zhejiang province into ( 002522). ( 002522). 。 High added value in the plastic industry, Suggestions on modification plastic faucet blonde technology ( 600143). ( 600143). ; Biodegradable plastics pioneer xin fu medicine ( 002019). ( 002019). ; Lithium battery diaphragm production enterprises fo plastic co ( 00973). 。
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