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Invited to 20 2016 kingdom HaQiaHui

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
HaQiaHui ( Harbin international trade fair) As a famous domestic exhibition, by 2016 has been 27 years, is also the third sino-russian exposition. https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/handed over in the exhibition of calendar year satisfactory answer.
this exhibition exhibition time of 2016. 6. 15 - 19 four days, the exhibition points several large exhibit more than one category. As the industry leader in the plastic tray, Qusheng plastic in this area is located in the warehousing logistics station, by Li Xianhang led decoration exhibition. Display products include plastic trays, Plastic collapsible cratein shandong, linyi Qusheng plastic, plastic pallet manufacturers, Plastic collapsible crateprice, Qusheng plastic tray products such as plastic card plastic tray.
believes that this exhibition will be Qusheng plastic to further develop the northern market to open up new situation, our heartfelt thanks to you for recommends six Russian companies to my company meet all 17 at noon, when I ministry of foreign trade manager OuYangQing clouds and Liu Chengcheng will discuss specific cooperation detailed negotiations with Russia. As early as 2010, low temperature resistant Plastic collapsible crateis still belongs to a half blank at home, at https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/is betting the opportunity to invest a lot of manpower material resources for the research and development, thus opened the northeast and Inner Mongolia market. Reviews the development of Qusheng plastics in recent years, can only use one word to describe - - Fast, steady!
the last heartfelt wish all colleagues to participate in this exhibition can hold big return, at the same time also wish this exhibition a complete success.

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