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Is there any change in the influence of the hollow board under cold conditions?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-06

Is there any change in the influence of the hollow board under cold conditions?

Everyone knows that due to different regions, different time differences. There will be many different climate temperatures. So does the difference in temperature have a great impact on the hollow board? Now the editor will talk to everyone about this topic.

The weather is getting colder and colder, and many hollow boards are prone to brittle fracture in cold weather. As one of the very important sheet materials, the use of PP hollow board sheets is also very extensive. Then, in the cold weather, will PP hollow board boards be brittle and broken like other boards?

In fact, PP hollow board sheets have very good cold resistance. Generally, PP sheets will not be brittle even in cold weather. Since the shape of the PP hollow board is much higher than other boards, in cold weather, the crystals in the board will not be frozen, which will cause the PP hollow board to break. In addition, the strength and hardness of the PP hollow board are relatively high. Therefore, in the cold weather in winter, the PP hollow board can also be used very well. Because PP material has good heat insulation, PP hollow board can also be used as a kind of heat preservation board to protect some objects that are afraid of the cold from the cold weather in winter. The low temperature resistance of the hollow board can reach minus 20 degrees, and the high temperature resistance can reach 60 degrees.

Therefore, even in the cold winter, the performance of the PP hollow board will not be affected, and it can also play a greater role. The hollow board produced by Qusheng has very good cold resistance and has been widely praised in many industries.

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