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Juyuan Plastic Hollow Board Complete Packaging Solution

by:Qusheng     2021-06-04

Qusheng Plastic Hollow Board Complete Packaging Solution

1. Qusheng provides non-standard hollow board production and packaging solutions

Qusheng Plastic provides A variety of plastic packaging products can be standard plastic turnover boxes, or plastic hollow boards designed according to customer requirements. Or use a multi-layer anti-static hollow board, which is cut into boxes and then flocked or pasted with EVA or pearl cotton. These solutions are very robust and easy to use. The plastic packaging is easy to clean and has a smooth inner surface to prevent contamination. The raw materials used are polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) with different densities

Because they can better correspond to the requirements of product weight and cleanliness during transportation, plastic solutions can be widely used Packaging throughout the supply chain. This recyclable plastic product is more common in the automotive industry. The plastic products provided by Qusheng Plastics can basically cover the needs of different applications in different industries, so that customers can improve their logistics processes and reduce total costs. Qusheng Plastic's plastic containers are mainly suitable for medium-sized or heavy-duty goods and are very popular in the automotive industry. The product process adopts extrusion molding or injection molding. Flexible supply services make it possible to customize the production of plastic containers

2. Hollow board complete packaging solutions

According to the customer's appearance, product protection, For operation, storage, transportation and environmental requirements, Qusheng Plastics has designed a complete packaging solution for hollow boards. These designs have the following 3 characteristics:

Use a programmed process

Follow Packaging and logistics costs

Use 3D software

In the rapidly changing and competitive business environment, it is a constant behavior for companies to keep costs down . In the field of hollow board packaging and logistics, Qusheng Plastics has developed a systematic evaluation method to evaluate and analyze existing processes to find possible areas for cost reduction.

Qusheng Plastics promises to provide comprehensive and comprehensive services for hollow boards, including on-site silk use, bonded EVA and pearl cotton warranty services. As a result, Qusheng Plastics undertakes the design, production, Delivery to the entire process of using packaging materials. Through this business, our users will benefit in the following aspects:

1. Reduce fixed costs 2. Real-time feedback on the use of packaging materials to customers 3. No need to hire maintenance personnel

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