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Juyuan Plastic New Year's Day Enlargement Move

by:Qusheng     2021-06-05

Good news, good news. In order to give back to new and old customers, Qusheng Plastics now offers free samples to all new and old customers in order to welcome 2018. Customers only need a phone call and a text message. Qusheng Plastics will provide you with samples.

1. Size: such as: hollow board flat plate: 400mm*300mm (length * width);

2. Thickness :The thickness of the general board is 2-7mm;

3. Weight: The general standard weight is: 2 mm (400 grams); 3 mm (450 grams); 4mm (650g): 5mm (850g) 6mm (1000g), we can also produce special gram-weight hollow boards according to customer needs;

4. Color: such as: Anti-static, blue, black, white, green, yellow, etc.; the color of the product you need may be different when the sample is sent, but in the future production process we can follow the color provided by the customer For you to produce colors more in line with your requirements.

5. Shape: flat plate, knife card, turnover box, etc. All are provided free of charge

Qu Sheng Plastic produces hollow boards of various materials, colors, sizes, and thicknesses. 'Quality first, reputation first' is our production and service tenet. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life across the country to visit and guide, and look forward to sincere cooperation with all new and old friends! Contact person 137 6420 8183

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