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Juyuan Plastics adds an automatic drying line

by:Qusheng     2021-06-05

Is the printing and drying line on Qusheng Plastic?

Good news, good news. Due to the expansion of Qusheng's plastic production, it is difficult for traditional manual printing to meet the production needs, which was decided by the factory leaders. In order to better serve customers, Qusheng Plastics has installed an automatic drying line equipment, which greatly meets the needs of customers and solves the problem of printing hollow boards? In traditional hollow board printing, the printed fonts are wide and there are more inks. As a result, it can't be dried for a long time, occupying a very large area of u200bu200bthe plant. It strongly affects the production and utilization rate of the factory area. Now Qusheng Plastics has installed a fully automatic drying line to solve these problems.

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