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Know, you don't know that plastic boxes Jingdong Smart Express can choose Suzhou Qusheng plastic turnover box, a professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-03-01
Swipe the screen to know the layoffs? I do not know! Wat? Well, anyway, it’s not an exaggeration for the editor to be ignorant of such a remote thing, just as I do not know that the Jingdong smart express turnover box application can choose Qusheng turnover box. Zhihu, a Baidu knowledge question-and-answer platform, a platform that we used to search widely in those years, seems to be missing something without knowing it? It must be a search on Zhihu to be satisfied. So far, I remember the catchy slogan in the ear of the editor: If there is a problem, Zhihu. For a long time, Zhihu seems to be an omnipotent existence, Zhihu search, search Zhihu, how to read it, and how to speak it. However, today Zhihu has to lay off employees, technical, business, development, programming... and when he is stuck between the display frequency and the keyboard keys, Zhihu suddenly seems like a huge stone. In a shallow water puddle, the announcement of such a news suddenly exploded! In fact, no matter where I am, I know that this layoff is so common to me, just like I don’t know that there is such a small company on Xinhua Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City. It is specialized in the production and customization of plastic turnover boxes and general sales and wholesale. Zhihu, whether you lay off or not, you still know which Zhihu, answering questions and answering questions in time. I know that whether you lay off or not, I'm still the editor, the editor of Qusheng turnover box production customization and sales. I know that whether you lay off or not, Qusheng plastic box is still the Qusheng plastic box, which focuses on providing high-quality and good-quality plastic boxes.
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