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Lightweight plastic tray with the Chinese brand quality consciousness is analysed

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
One-time molding plastic tray in the country is the development trend of increasingly lightweight, fundamental reason is that in order to save costs, reduce costs, we just injection Plastic collapsible cratedo simple analysis.
the quality consciousness of the people link and lightweight plastic tray? A lot of friends feel this thesis some wulitou, then we can take 1210 field words grid plastic tray this product as an example to analyze.
the current domestic plastic pallet manufacturers to rule out individual non-standard products, the rest of the styles are modeled on the United States and Japan, two countries 1210 field words grid Plastic collapsible cratewhen first introduced to the domestic standard weight is 15. 5 kg, dynamic load 1. 0 t static load. 4. 0T 。 Domestic manufacturers in the process of imitation, found that reduce 0. 5 kg, no serious impact on pallet load and structure, and the first lost 0. 5 kg, found the second can be reduced a little again, today the weight have generally is 11 kg. Asked 11 kg and 15. 5 kg, I tell you if the load parameters is the same, just the structure design more scientific, you believe it? It is not possible. But in the process of actual sales, I have experience greatly, the customer is not always ask you, what material the tray is of raw materials, tend to be most concerned about the price. So this leads to the deformation of domestic plastic pallet manufacturers in part to the customer brand values as the guide, tray lightweight situation more and more serious.
so, a qualified products should not be blindly billiard lightweight, lost the enterprise prestige, failed to live up to the customer trust.

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