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by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
Filed a tray, the main paper tray, wooden pallets, plastic pallets and metal tray. The tray in the market of paper tray has special purpose, development prospect is not big; Wooden pallets due to the relatively low price is still dominant; Metal tray, due to high price, heavy maintenance market gradually atrophic, only a few varieties of technological innovation still has increased; And Plastic collapsible crateis the material storage and transportation industry of new products, have qualitative light, smooth, beautiful, integral sex is good, no nails without a thorn, tasteless non-toxic, acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy washing disinfection, does not rot, no combustion, no spark, recycled, wooden pallets is 8 times service life, high recovery value, is the important tool of modern transportation, packaging, warehousing, because so many advantages, the rapid development of the plastic tray, the market prospect is very broad, in recent years, vigorously develop wood plastic tray, but also has potential.

in recent years, plastic tray, on average, the update rate and growth rate has remained at about 20%, including petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine, and the number of plastic pallet is exponentially. In terms of the current domestic plastic tray production capacity, from 5 to 10 years to reach the balance between supply and demand basically. As a result, the plastic tray is in rapid growth in China.

    In 2007, a year will be the rapid development of plastic tray. Protect the environment, with plastic and wood, and the development of the logistics industry at home and abroad, for the development of plastic tray provides a huge market and business opportunities. With the development of science and technology, plastic tray production with raw materials, such as technology development will follow. Due to plastic pallet on the use and performance advantage is more and more recognized by the user, plastic pallet instead of wood pallet logistics become the leading product has become the inevitable trend of future development.

    Although the plastic tray market demand is very big, but high raw material prices is also a plastic tray manufacturing enterprises have to face the serious problem. The phenomenon is most likely in 2007, enterprises in the production of full, profit growth is out.

soaring international oil prices led to ethylene, polyethylene, PX and other chemical raw materials prices, as a downstream petrochemical products of plastic pallet industry inevitably be hurt. price 200 yuan/only, low oil prices its costs only 80 yuan/only; But the oil price has risen several times, and now only the raw material cost is 160 yuan/only, plus artificial, depreciation of equipment, etc, enterprise basic no profit, many small and medium-sized enterprises closed was forced to shut down. Though, to say the marketer, moment of anxiety.

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