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by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
Used in business logistics, 物流) A word, it is after the second world war. Since 60 s of this century in the United States, with a sound Logistics gradually replaced the Physical distribution is a word, the word Logistics from Japan in the seventy s, Japan also translated as 'Logistics', but according to the new explanation to explain, namely fu and the Logistics must have new meaning. The difference between logistics and physical distribution, on the basis of the former on the latter is the extension and extension, but the essence is the same, of course, also can't remain the extension and expansion, it is based on modern science and technology can realize control of the extended on the basis of can is based on the management and coordination, on the basis of such a large system, so although with nature, level there are age differences. Instead of focusing on the ideas of the logistics strategic vested interests, is a strategic measure for enterprises to develop the means for profit rather than for the moment. So it is not a simple function of activity, and a basic principle of enterprise develop strategy. Can more rationally, logistics is a kind of thinking mode, according to this concept can establish a new management mode.
the basic logistics network entity elements mainly include raw material, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and customers.
the specific content of logistics activities including 14:
( 1) Customer service;
( 2) The order processing.
( 3) Distribution contact.
( 4) Inventory control;
( 5) Demand forecasting;
( 6) Traffic and transportation;
( 7) Warehousing and storage;
( 8) Factories and warehouses layout options;
( 9) Material handling;
( 10) Material purchasing;
( 11) Spare parts and maintenance services;
( 12) Industrial packaging.
( 13) Return;
( 14) Waste disposal.

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