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Logistics Turnover Box: Calling China's Logistics Industry to Enter the Age of Quality

by:Qusheng     2021-03-05
Logistics Turnover Box: Calling China's logistics industry to enter the era of quality. 20 logistics industry leaders gathered in Beijing to hold a high-end closed-door summit. Fushida General Manager-Bao Jiancheng was invited to participate in 20 logistics industry leaders gathered in Beijing hosted by the logistics search network ' The 2016 China Logistics Technology Summit G20 Leaders (Closed Door) Summit' was held on the afternoon of March 24 at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. At this summit, the logistics leaders gathered. The organizing committee invited Dai Dingyi, director of the expert committee of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Fang Dianjun, China Chief Scientist of the German Logistics Research Institute, Liu Xiaohu, Dean of Beijing Crane Design and Research Institute, and Dema Xie Ping, CEO of Tektronix International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China, 20 logistics experts and business leaders attended the event. With the theme of 'Co-creating the Quality Era of China's Logistics TechnologyG20 High-end Dialogue 1: Calling China's logistics industry to enter the era of quality. With the stimulation of German Industry 4.0, China's logistics industry is rapidly developing in the direction of informatization and intelligence. However, while seizing good development opportunities, the logistics industry is also facing a series of problems, such as vicious competition caused by low-price product competition, and insufficient Ru0026D funding resulting in limited domestic technology. These all directly affect the quality of domestic logistics equipment. Therefore, this summit conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to regulate the logistics market, how to promote technological originality and 'craftsmanshipDai Dingyi, Director of the Expert Committee of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, announced the topic G20 High-end Dialogue 2: How to build effective communication and consensus among enterprises/industry. Although China’s logistics equipment industry is developing rapidly and has the world’s largest logistics equipment market, companies and There is still a 'life and death' situation in the competition between enterprises. The incompatibility of 'brothers' has developed the market into a 'red oceanTherefore, the logistics search network proposes that it is very necessary to build an effective communication platform between enterprises in the logistics industry. In the market economy environment, there must not only be competition between enterprises, but also openness and cooperation. Only in this way can a healthy logistics development ecology be formed. At the G20 Leaders (Closed Door) Summit, 20 industry leaders collectively analyzed the G20 communication mechanism and gave guidance to the newly established LT club corporate club. It is understood that LT club is a high-end social networking, business cooperation and value sharing platform jointly initiated by logistics entrepreneurs. It is an invitation-based and membership-based entrepreneur membership network. LT club's positioning is 'equality, openness, and sharing.' The meaning of LT club's existence is to bring together entrepreneurs, business elites and opinion leaders in the logistics industry to deliver forward-looking ideas and innovative ideas, and create a platform for cooperation with integrity and globalization. , To jointly promote the development of the logistics industry.
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