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Look from Harbin in rare low-temperature resistance to low temperature plastic tray how to choose

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Since 2016. 1. 20, cooling, snow has become a hot topic, friends in the circle of friends around the sun in different learning, it lively. In the circle of friends have a food special fire, video in Harbin a citizen pour hot water into the air, spilt water ice condensed immediately. It is said that this is the lowest temperature over the years, about 30 degrees below zero.

as an old Plastic collapsible crateindustry, see this video, head of the first natural responses, such a cold day, on the other side of the customer know what to choose what kind of plastic tray? As is known to all, plastic products easily influenced by temperature. if it is a renewable material under the condition of the temperature below 5 c, performance begins to decay, easy embrittlement. if is ordinary pure raw material under the condition of the temperature below minus 15 degrees, the performance began to decay. If the environment temperature is about 30 degrees below zero, basic is close to the frozen cold storage temperature, this kind of circumstance how to choose appropriate plastic tray?

https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/continuously research and development in the northeast market development, developed specifically for low temperature environment to use plastic pallet, main materials for the modified impact copolymer polypropylene, can fully competent for the cold weather in Harbin, the years market feedback is good, this also confirms Qusheng plastic excellent product quality.
we set up a file in the return visit to Harbin, plastic tray, rock, when the customer found that many customers still using normal plastic pallet, not they are not willing to change, but don't know how to choose, I hope the above information can help to you.

at the same time because of heavy snowfall in shandong, high-speed road, recently customers for security reasons, my company decided to 22/23 pause plastic pallet shipment, please understanding.

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