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Love should be increases when using plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
A: Plastic collapsible crateif long time no use, can not put in direct sunlight place, prevent plastic ageing problem, at the same time also can affect its use of time, it is lost.
2: use the time to should take put down gently, also cannot cast high directly, if you can't pick up, can cause a broken plastic pallet, or crack, don't want the wooden splints, bad also to repair it.
3: at the time of carrying the goods, to gently put the items in the above, can't throw it to the above, to be forcibly even, in order to avoid is to make weight directly crush tray, affect work efficiency.
6: when choosing, need to use to select what type of according to oneself, so as not to type wrong, affect the work or cause the damage of the plastic tray.
five: sometimes you may need to stack, need to put the items flat on top, not skewed too hard, pay attention to the pallet on the ground to force uniform, not cause deformation of it, even burst, so be sure to slow, must be steady, not too worried.
4: with forklift loading of the goods, the distance of fork teeth must agree with the fork tray, too small or too mostly can't hold up a lot, you also need to pay attention to the thing, fork in the depth of the best in more than two-thirds of, at the same time also need to pay attention to the car to be uniform, not fast and slow, in order to protect the goods against collapse, smashing tray, affect the use.

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