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Low density polyethylene

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
English name Low density polyethylene ( LDPE) Forming good processability, such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotational molding, coating, foaming process, hot forming, hot air welding, heat welding, etc.
main purpose LDPE is thin film products, suitable for film, heavy packaging film, cable insulation materials, blow molding and foam products.
such as agricultural film, mulching film, agricultural film, vegetables big films, etc. ; Wrapping film, such as candy, vegetables, frozen food packaging; Liquid packing blown film ( Milk, soy sauce, juice. Tofu, soy milk) ; Heavy bags, shrink packaging film, elastic membrane, inner membrane; Used in film, general industrial packaging film and bags, etc. LDPE is also used in plastic injection products, such as small container, lid, daily products, plastic flower, injection stretch blow plastic container. Medical equipment, medicine and food packaging materials, extruded pipe, plate, wire and cable coating, special-shaped material, heat molding products; Hollow blow molding products, such as food containers and jam, dairy products, medicine, cosmetics, chemical products, containers, tank, etc.
low density polyethylene production method according to the polymerization methods, can be divided into high pressure and low pressure method. According to the reactor type can be divided into kettle type and tube type method. Using ethylene as raw materials, into the reactor, under the action of the initiator, polymerization, in high-pressure compression materials out of the reactor, the separator not reaction of ethylene is removed by the melt extrusion granulation, drying, blending, sent to the packing.
the properties of low density polyethylene is milky white round bead shape particles. Non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, matt surface. The density of 0. 916-0. 930g/cm3。 Nature is soft, has good extensibility, electrical insulation, chemical stability, processability and low temperature resistance, Resistant to - 70℃) , but the mechanical strength, humidity, gas and poor solvent resistance. Molecular structure is not neat, crystallinity, 55% ~ 65%) Crystallization, melting point ( 108~126℃) Is low.
packaging and storage products packed in polyethylene film bag packing, according to user needs can be set with pp woven bag for outer packing. Product should be clean and dry warehouse storage, available trains, cars, ships and other transportation. Shipping should be paid attention to during the process of fire prevention, waterproof, sunscreen, dust and pollution prevention, etc. Transportation should maintain clean, dry, can not have nails and other sharp objects, and have to shed or tarpaulin
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