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Maintenance of blow molding tray life trilogy, code once

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
Maintain life trilogy, blow molding tray code about some friends to buy back, blow molding tray according to specification, the reluctant to cause damage to the tray to regret again. When the bad maintenance, this is not a torture yourself? When we use plastic pallet manufacturers daily how to maintain the blow molding tray? Plastic pallet manufacturers what action will harm the tray? Today plastic pallet manufacturers with everyone know, delay blow molding tray life trilogy. Understand the tray performance before use, understand tray using performance, it is necessary to provide the suitable equipment and venues. Blow molding tray is applicable temperature range - 40 to 70 degrees Celsius. Single blow molding tray can be used forklift and manual/electric hydraulic car, and double tray will not be able to use the manual hydraulic car. Used correctly understanding of tray performance, correct use, do not overweight, not violent action. Don't use such as forklift fork shovel to collision tray edge foot, damage to the tray. Fork shovel and tray to apply, tray completely on equipment fork shovel to operation, etc. To receive strength evenly in blow molding tray of the goods must be neat, to ensure the uniform stress, it is forbidden to put two pieces of tray in operation together. Don't put the goods in the tray of a force on the operation, easy to cause the goods overturned, and so on and so forth, is more dangerous. Done puts the uneven board tray in front of the above, stacking goods again. Forklift scooping up, bent tray has occurred, the board also broken, cargo side or a more dangerous situation.
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