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Market analysis of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
'Even though the total existing tray, Plastic collapsible crateproportion is not large, but the market prospect is very attractive. In a series of favorable factors, driven by Plastic collapsible cratewill continue rapid growth, expanding market share, eventually challenge the dominance of wooden tray, golden period for development. 'Zhangjiagang city with big machinery co. , LTD. , deputy general manager of jian-xin zhu recently in an interview with reporters said.
  — — The falling cost competitiveness ascension Plastic collapsible crateafter the cost is high, mainly because the raw material polypropylene ( B) Ene insufficient domestic production, prices keep rising and high. Especially in 2003 ~ 2008, the international crude oil prices continue to rise, the polypropylene ( B) Ene prices by 6500 yuan/ton soared to 18500 yuan/ton, calculated at 43 kilograms/pieces, plastic tray only raw material cost is more than 800 yuan/piece, comprehensive cost more than 900 yuan/piece, is more than double that of wooden tray, unable to compete with wooden pallet.
but after the financial crisis broke out, as the international oil prices diving platform, the polypropylene ( B) Prices also fell sharply, more close to 10000 yuan/ton. Later, with the domestic many coal to olefin or imported methanol to olefins, propane to olefin project completed and put into operation, and the expansion of ethylene, oil route domestic including poly (c B) Ene, synthetic resin, the supply will increase sharply, and break the monopoly of sinopec and petrochina oligarchs, make its prices return to reasonable levels. Especially the shale gas scale after successful development, not only increasing the supply of the international oil and gas resources on the international energy prices central down, also stimulate more countries increase shale gas, shale oil, such as the development of unconventional oil and gas resources, and then another kind of raw material for producing ethylene - — NGL production growth, boost world ethylene production capacity expansion. The polypropylene ( B) PVC resin which is produced to the tight balance between supply and demand, insufficient development after two years or even a surplus, prices down gradually, to further reduce the cost of plastic pallet, improve market competitiveness.

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