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Matters needing attention in processing PP plastic hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-09

Matters needing attention when processing PP plastic hollow board

PP plastic hollow board is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material with a long service life, which is 4- It is more than 10 times recyclable and widely used in the logistics packaging industry. In order to ensure the quality of the PP hollow board, what should we pay attention to when processing it?

1. The equipment must be clean and tidy.

For the hollow plate, no other resin is allowed in the hopper or barrel, or in the nozzle, otherwise it will affect Its transparency or other properties. Therefore, qualified units should use special equipment for processing as much as possible, or use special barrels, screws, and nozzles. If this is not possible, they can take the disassembly and wash method or use resin for cleaning.

2. Cleaning of the mold part

Because the presence of grease will not only affect the transparency of the hollow board, but also increase the cracking problem of the hollow board, so it is required to scrub it before molding Mold cavity, runner, root of forming hole, corner, parting surface, top plate of ejector rod and other parts.

3. The resin particles must be clean and tidy.

In order to prevent the dust from attaching to the surface of the particles due to electrostatic suction, and then exposing them in the hollow plate due to light refraction, It is required to pay attention to the cleaning of the exterior, surrounding and container of the package before opening the package. Operators should also pay attention to their own cleaning work. For the particles that have been opened, attention should be paid to inspection, and the remaining particles should be carefully packaged to create convenient conditions for reuse.

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