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Mechanical and electrical industry plastic tray solution

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
Brings to the enterprise benefits:
- use recycled Plastic collapsible cratethan buy a wooden pallet costs by about 10-15%;
- is the wooden pallets used to solve quality problems;
- using high quality Plastic collapsible cratecan improve product safety;
- use packing materials circulation mode to enhance the image of enterprise environmental protection and social responsibility.

the advantage of using a loop tray:
cost significantly reduce
- the more enterprises into the share system tray
- system covering mature, packaging cost reduction, the more obvious the
tray turnover shall be borne by the professional company
- with the maintenance of personnel management tray
- screening, cleaning, maintenance
- to ensure the quality of the pallet
- improve the image of the enterprise
- save social resources, promote low-carbon economy

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