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Modified polypropylene and other polymer materials in the application of the plastic pallet industry

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
With the constant innovation of plastic pallet manufacturing technology, the traditional high density polyethylene ( HDPE) Cannot have full Plastic collapsible cratein the use of some special industries. Some new material began to appear in the raw material formula of plastic tray, such as the modification of pp, ABS plastic alloy and rubber high marks, etc.
the full name of modified polypropylene impact copolymer polypropylene resin, in the material research and development company, https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/they have absolute advantages, in order to develop the northeast market as early as 2007 to adapt to the cold weather, Qusheng plastic first developed a modified formula of polypropylene production of plastic tray, successfully solved the plastic pallet easy to brittle under low temperature environment, in the next few years a lot of plastic tray peer camera imitation, but a recipe for success is not only a kind of material, resulting in the enterprise also USES modified polypropylene do later, although many of the tray tray but the effect is not very ideal. Qusheng are not content with the status quo of our character, and in the process of subsequent research and development, Qusheng plastic overcome difficult, finally after tested hundreds of formula finally developed the ultra low temperature resistant plastic tray, it fills the blank of domestic super low temperature resistant plastic tray, can fully competent - home 35℃、- 40 ℃ quick-freezing cold storage of Plastic collapsible cratetoughness and strength requirements. Compared with the foreign ultra low temperature resistant plastic pallet, the cost reduced by 55%.
in the terminology of Plastic collapsible cratehas many special tray such as antistatic plastic tray, flame retardant plastic tray, the tray at present domestic imports also as long as it is, the price is quite expensive. We take an example, antistatic plastic tray, usually used for precision electronic production workshop, because the antistatic grade resistance in a relatively accurate numerical, domestic usually way is to add a certain percentage of the graphite powder used in conductive, but the proportion of the added often cannot grasp with good accuracy, it has to do and the domestic plastics machinery agitation. Also many companies add rubber particles in the plastic raw materials, hope to be able to solve the disadvantages of plastic pallet is not resistant to fall off, but the actual effect is often not satisfactory, it is also Qusheng plastic is developing subject, and has made the gradual progress.
the domestic plastic pallet industry is in a rising stage, the change from a rapid to accurately model is the only way, there's a lot more trouble waiting for us to challenge.

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