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Modular plastic tray and the maintenance of the tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
in the long-term use process appears unavoidably hashing, traditional one-piece plastic tray for damage can be very complicated to repair a corner, is likely to cause the entire tray thus be eliminated. In order to raise the use efficiency of the tray, Plastic collapsible cratefactory production out of the 'modular plastic tray'.

what is the modular plastic tray?
combined the characteristics of the Plastic collapsible crateis a tray of the upper and the lower is the separation, and can use the card buckle and so on the combined use of welding way. So when the plastic pallet or at the bottom of the upper top failure, replace the corresponding module can repair the tray.
combined the advantages of plastic tray:
modular plastic tray can well improve the service life of the pallet, improve the service life of the pallet. Suitable for long-term turnover, work environment is complex, easy to wreck a Plastic collapsible cratework environment. Suitable for logistics transportation and warehousing turnover, and general handling equipment mobile hydraulic forklift, to cattle, stock piling car, truck, etc, can be a lot of improve the efficiency of the whole logistics warehousing system, the storage and transportation can effectively reduce the damage rate when soft carton; Widely used in storage, auto parts, electrical machinery, food and beverage, electronics, tobacco, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and other industries.

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