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Near the end of the plastic tray market trends

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
Plastic pallet industry in the whole plastic industry belongs to value is not high in the industry, because the production technology is relatively popular, and raw material is relatively abundant. In plastic pallet profits 10% low mode, the recent trend of recent plastic pallet industry?

from the point of whole industry development, the recent slowdown in demand of plastic tray. Cause the plastic tray there are many reasons for the slowing demand, on the one hand is due to excessive production enterprises, the market competition is big, product oversupply; On the other hand is plastic pallet demand industry growth is slowing, demand for products also drops; And raw materials and labor costs rising too fast, which leads to the plastic tray production cost is high, there is a decrease in the product price is difficult to space. Market is always present trough, Plastic collapsible crateenterprise can only be found in the trough their own shortcomings. Fundamentally change the mode of production and operation, using the market downturn advocates the science of uniting the good, to market, in order to gain better development opportunities.
the report pointed out that in the next few years about 20% annual growth rate will remain plastic tray demand levels. Our export plastic tray is concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea and other places, some Plastic collapsible crateenterprises has accounted for over 30% of the total output value of exports. From the point of the market situation, Plastic collapsible cratemanufacturing enterprises should focus on developing the high technical content of the new, complex, precision, service life long plastic tray products, and vigorously develop the international market, to develop export plastic tray.
because the profit is low, the enterprise innovation inputs and underpowered, serious product homogeneity phenomenon. Industry experts pointed out that at present, the plastic tray industry faces restructuring, equipment upgrading of new product innovation, market development requirements.
plastic pallet manufacturers under the fierce competition in the market and industry trends, also need to consider the product upgrade, and with the rapid development of Internet, science and technology.

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