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Nine feet plastic tray compared to traditional tray has the advantage of?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Nine feet and traditional tray plastic tray more obvious characteristics is at the bottom of the tray has nine support legs, this is because of this characteristic is called 'nine feet plastic tray'.

  1。 Nine feet Plastic collapsible cratewith support space, convenient for forklift truck auxiliary transportation tools such as transportation, so as to improve the efficiency of the cargo.

  2。 9 feet plastic tray due to the presence of the weight from foot to foot, at the height of the traditional plastic tray, save a large amount of raw materials at the same time, reducing the production cost, the tray price is relatively low.

3, 9 feet plastic tray has compressed storage function. Nine feet hollow box, the same type of plastic tray code can be put together, inserted to the bottom of the nine feet plastic tray, ensures the stability of the upper tray, at the same time reduces the overall height of the courtyard.

of course, due to its features, the design of the general dynamic load 0. 5 t, static load 1. 5 t, nine feet plastic pallet fell slightly in the bearing, so nine feet of plastic pallet is more suitable for lighter goods.

common plastic pallet size nine feet are:

1, 1111 ( 1100×1100×145毫米) ;

  2、1208( 1200×800×140毫米) ;

  3、1210( 1200×1000×140毫米) ;

  4、1211( 1200×1100×140毫米) ;

  5、1212( 1200×1200×140mm) 。
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