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Nine feet plastic tray - dynamic loading experiments -

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Customer requirements for plastic tray:
1. Dynamic load a ton, a one-time with export goods.
2。 Color is not limited.
3。 Pallet size 1200 * 1000
4. Price one hundred yuan or less.
according to the usual experience, we may recommend customers to use 1210 words plastic tray, but considering the disposable use, customers and the goods put non-dangerous goods.
in the load conditions meet the requirements of customers, we have done 1200 * 100 * 140 single nine feet of dynamic loading experiments.

the product labeling of dynamic load parameters to zero. 5 tons, with 0. 5 tons of tray 1. 0 t experiment, the result?
the result out of our expectation, and finally the list successfully sign the bill.
after two months, customer feedback, intact tray to port, next to continue cooperation!

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