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Nine feet plastic tray is analysed

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
Nine feet plastic tray, that is, according to the shape of the plastic tray, this type of Plastic collapsible cratefor nine foot type, at the bottom of the plastic tray named nine feet. Such general bearing are comparatively light, and is not suitable for or reproduced large weight of the goods shelves, nine feet tray as light warehouse pad storehouse board commonly, forklift turnover use lighter goods. The tray surface shape are: plane and grid.
there are many kinds of plastic tray, but about our common nine feet plastic tray why so popular, have what advantages? A lot of people who still don't understand.
the advantages of nine feet tray shall start from the two aspects to analyze its structure and weight, the first structure, nine feet Plastic collapsible cratecan facilitate manual forklift fork in four phase, because the bottom of the sichuan words or field words at the bottom of the Plastic collapsible crateits because unless machinery forklift can from the side with a beam into the fork and other manual forklift truck due to the bottom of the wheel into the fork from the side. Field type plastic tray is at the bottom of the four can not be used to manual forklift, the beginning of design field, double side, sichuan words the purpose of the plastic tray is designed for shelves use. So when purchasing plastic pallet must take into account what is their use of forklift truck, so as not to buy is not suitable for forklift pallet.
the second nine feet tray also reflected in the advantages of its own weight, because the bottom for nine feet, so greatly saved for use at the bottom of the shoes, as we all know the price of plastic tray mainly depends on how many of the materials, the heavier weight, the higher the price, Under the premise of the same purity of raw materials) 。 So nine feet tray but also because of its light weight and cheap price, widely favored by consumers.
nine feet a further advantage of plastic tray is a long service life and can be recycled, it is actually quite affordable for buyers! It is suitable for all kinds of trucks, the material of the unitized, unitized transport more advantage. But should pay attention to is that it is not suitable for stacking in the warehouse, but also applicable load requirements!
the other nine feet tray can be nested type to each other, idle can effectively save space when not in use. But any kind of product are the advantages and disadvantages coexist, because of its light weight structure is relatively simple, quality in general, shortcomings and so on load is not big. Relatively high damage rate than other tray, hope buyers according to their actual usage discretionary choice!
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