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Norwegian trial 'RFID' plastic pallet and handbag tracking food

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
Recently, a Norwegian the management of the national retailers and manufacturers leasing tray Norsk Lastb? Rer ASPool were trying RFID tracking Plastic collapsible crateand handbags.
the RFID pilot included two food factory Maaraud and Finsbr? Ten and two retail chain of distribution center. Pilot USES is UPM Short Dipole uhf EPCGen2RFID labels, Impinj fixed RFID reader and Intermec antenna.
embedded in a Plastic collapsible crateUPM Short Dipole labels and loading of the goods to the function of RFID distribution center. Hand-held reader read labels and tags for coding, and transmit the freight details to the company. Then, the data stored on the site.
when loading goods on the tray to transport trucks by a reader portal. The portal to read each pallet label, confirm the goods have been shipped and the relevant information sent to the Fosstrak software.
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