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One of the important applications - plastic tray in the logistics industry - - Medical article

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
With the rapid development of medical logistics, medical logistics is no longer a simple drug into, sales and stock, or drug delivery. Through modern mode of operation, with the information management system, relying on the advantage of logistics equipment, technology, and efficient medical logistics management mode, through the optimization of drug supply and marketing distribution of acceptance, storage, sorting, distribution and other operation process, improve the ability of handling orders, effectively reduce the delivery time, reduce logistics costs, improve the level of service quality and the efficient use of funds, the modernization, automation, informationization of medical logistics mode.

use of advanced logistics equipment become the primary task of medical logistics development, the use of the tray in the pharmaceutical logistics reflects the high efficiency operation become medicine logistics to reduce the logistics time and reduce the labor costs of logistics. With informatization management mode, the use of high-end technology, to make medical logistics management more automation, informationization. The use of tray with automatic three-dimensional shelf management system, can make the managers in the shortest possible time find the right of the goods.

the use of the tray to speed up the process of the pharmaceutical logistics industry standardization, due to the pharmaceutical industry is more and more strict with tray health quality, the traditional wooden tray already could not reach the requirements of medical logistics. Wooden tray of long shelves use make the wooden pallet quality to meet the load demand. This makes the high bearing, high strength plastic tray into the medicine logistics industry market.

in the three-dimensional library shelves in high performance of high strength and high impact, long cycle is not easy to aging etc, make the use of plastic tray gradually replaced the traditional wooden pallets. Moreover, Plastic collapsible crateconvenient and unified management, is becoming more and more strict in standardization of the pharmaceutical industry, the characteristics of plastic tray gradually reflected. And, in recent years, efforts to strengthen management of the pharmaceutical industry, GMP certification is more and more strict, make plastic tray gradually replaced many traditional wooden tray. In the pharmaceutical logistics industry have been the widespread promotion and application.

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