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Our country at present, the development of the plastic tray status

by:Qusheng     2021-02-26
How the current development situation of plastic pallet so-called plastic tray, is mainly used for loading and unloading of goods, transport, distribution and other services in accordance with the goods. We often can see in the logistics industry the use of plastic tray, it can convert the goods of static into dynamic goods, although it, but it's really powerful. Plastic pallet manufacturers in China federation of logistics and purchasing common to the investigation of major cities of the country's logistics industry, now the tray according to the survey, there are a lot of problems. To solve the problems now the pallet industry has a thorough investigation and study, provide effective information for logistics management department. About tray more than fifty million of our country, the annual production of twenty million or so, but in it, Plastic collapsible crateonly accounts for eight percent of the location, the main or wooden pallets. On the plastic pallet specification of it, the specification is still very chaotic, is also very concentrated. Many current specifications are according to their own products to set, wooden tray number too much, and Plastic collapsible crateshare and too little. It is not as wide as the pneumatic ball valve in the pipeline distribution, the development of plastic pallet is not balanced. Not only that, the Plastic collapsible cratein turnaround mode and tray homework also exist some problems, need long time to explore its development, like the opening and closing machine, considering the existing problems in the process of the development, improve the use of tray performance and range. Above is the plastic pallet manufacturers and organize information for everyone, hope to be able to help you, we also welcome you have questions to our consultation at any time.
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