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Pad storehouse board with its superior performance enterprise more and more widely used

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Pad storehouse board with its superior performance enterprise more and more widely used and recognized with the development of the enterprise economy, the prospects of the development of plastic fork truck pad is inestimable. With the wide use of pad storehouse board, the enterprise to pad storehouse board quality is more and more strict, therefore, pad storehouse board replace wooden pallets as leading products have become the inevitable trend of logistics enterprises. Main testing pad storehouse board is as follows:

in the first place, we should use the hand vision measurement method, without clear off color, the tray surface has some oil mat, standard pad storehouse board surface smooth, no burr, no flash, no crack, no deformation, etc. The same batch of pad storehouse board have the same color, place the goods in order to prevent slippery effect. The placement of mat should not exceed the tray surface, in order to ensure safe use in the process of transportation.

second, should from the size of the tray to check and accept. Some pallets in the national standard tolerance range is very small. The expansion of the flat pallet size tolerance is in commonly 0 About 6 mm. Tray of tolerance is also closely related to the materials used in the, in production and pad storehouse board, so there should be a +
- 3 mm is tolerance.

3, the weight of the pallet should be apart from the weight of the pallet. In fact, the weight of the tray also is an important index to distinguish the tray quality, other indicators, in the same tray of light weight, the better, but can also be called the weight of the pallet load, so the price of the tray is not high, the price of the new material tray is usually proportional to the weight of the pallet.

the article by pad storehouse board, this view does not represent the views.
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