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Performance characteristics of hollow board folding turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-06-11

Introduction to the performance characteristics of the hollow board folding turnover box

The hollow board folding turnover box has a long service life and can be recycled and reused. We can also customize it according to customer needs. The price is cheap and the quality is reliable! Let me introduce the performance characteristics of the hollow board folding turnover box.

1. The hollow board folding turnover box contains parts and components after being used from the customer, and can be folded back, reducing transportation costs, saving space and reducing costs;

2. Hollow board folding turnover The box product is assembled and formed by a combination of 6 parts. Partial damage does not need to be scrapped as a whole. If you purchase a turnover box, you can replace the parts to reduce loss. It is tasteless, safe, non-polluting, natural and environmentally friendly;

3. Hollow board folding The side plate of the turnover box is an integral flat plate without sealing. The load-bearing performance and appearance are better than similar products. The bottom reinforcement is fine and firm, and the load-bearing performance is good.

The anti-static hollow board has the characteristics of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, gorgeous appearance, etc., and has the advantages of high bending resistance, aging resistance, tensile, compression, and tear strength. It can be made into various The anti-static hollow board turnover box of the size, the anti-static hollow board product is green and environmentally friendly, the price of the Wantong board turnover box, can be recycled and reused!

The hollow board turnover box produced by Qusheng Plastics has complete specifications, various types, and high cost performance. The Wantong board turnover box is purchased, the service is in place, and the delivery is timely. Welcome new and old customers to contact us at any time, we will Dedicated to provide you with quality service!

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