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PET plastic pallet or as new varieties of recycled plastic in the future

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
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the plastic pallet is produced with a single PET resin foam material, so you can reuse. At present, Europe is an important part of the recycling industry association launched an industry guidance, to help foster a new variety of recycled plastics.

the PET tray or in the future new recycled plastic varieties;

tray products is one of the clamshell blister type in the industry, this kind of tray strength is stronger, according to the morphological structure, weight set suits under the strength of the pallet packaging, there are also many different material thickness, depending on the packing items need to make a choice, celebrating the electronic materials have a very skillful and experienced professional team, through our continuous efforts and innovation, and have achieved good results in the field of blister packaging.

every year 1. 4 billion pounds of PET materials to produce PET tray. But, to produce the tray varieties of PET and shape will create problems for recycling. For example, some tray is using a unique multi-layer composite materials.

however, recycled PET tray can enhance recovery to European collector provides a unique opportunity. To this end, has 18 years of history, and a member of the 110 European plastic recyclers association ( PRE) Is pushing for a PET tray recycling guidance, so as to evaluate the feasibility of recycling all kinds of tray. In addition, the association is also preparing to other varieties of tray products recovery guide.

in the production of blister products are widely used in electronics, toys, hardware, medicine, food, stationery and other packing way, the above products according to customer different request, provides the PET, PP, PS, PVC, conductive, anti-static, flocking and other materials of all kinds of tray. General transparent blister tray is relatively commonly used in packaging, other colors can choose according to individual needs.

it is difficult to line with international norms, the tray of the specifications of the standard not unified, make tray used in China cannot and international transportation equipment such as international container to match. Enterprises in order to adapt to the relevant international transport, have to order from pallet manufacturers are out of line with the enterprise use the tray, thereby increasing the enterprise's export costs, reduced the international competitiveness of the products.

the recycled plastics in price compared with the new material has obvious advantages, generally only 1/2 to 2/3 of the new material, the price is even lower, so in some recycled materials can meet the requirements of field, recycled plastics processing of grain is the manufacturer of choice.

in addition, the state for effective utilization of resources, protect the environment, such as purpose, recycling of resources, especially the recycling of plastic strongly advocated, and introduced a lot of relevant incentives, such as: plastic crushing equipment manufacturing enterprise, plastic compression packaging manufacturing enterprise, plastic blow molding, plastic recycling enterprises have got the national relevant policy support. Strengthen increasingly along with the national environmental protection efforts, waste plastics recycling industry development prospects will be more broad.

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