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Pharmaceutical logistics service system, logistics turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-03
Medical logistics service system, logistics turnover box. In recent years, as the pharmaceutical market continues to expand, the development of the pharmaceutical logistics industry has also attracted much attention; China is planning to issue documents to allow online sales of prescription drugs. This policy will greatly benefit the development of pharmaceutical e-commerce. As a supporting link of pharmaceutical e-commerce, pharmaceuticals The logistics industry will also benefit; at present, more than 90% of pharmaceutical wholesale companies in China are small and medium-sized enterprises. Such enterprises cannot establish a strong logistics service system, so they can only seek cooperation with third-party logistics companies. The huge development opportunity provided by the third-party pharmaceutical logistics market. Compared with traditional third-party pharmaceutical logistics companies, SF Express, UPS, and China Post have incomparable advantages over ordinary pharmaceutical companies and logistics companies in terms of transportation speed, business outlets, and logistics processing capabilities. At present, the “leader” of the domestic third-party pharmaceutical logistics industry is Jointown. It is reported that Jointown currently has nearly 5,600 upstream suppliers, more than 7000 downstream customers, and 23 large-scale provincial pharmaceutical logistics centers nationwide. There are also 32 municipal-level medical logistics centers, with more than 400 terminal distribution points, and SF Express and postal express are slowly entering the medical distribution. Our plastic crates is also working hard to match and provide services to Jointown Pharmaceutical Company.
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