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Plastic Basket

Plastic Basket


Are you a farm that needs baskets for harvesting, are you a supermarket that needs baskets for displaying your fruits and vegetables, or general shopping baskets. At Shanghai Qusheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd we have you covered.


Take a look at our recent project with Carrefour, does this name ring any bells? We think it should, they need no introduction, they are a European leading corporation specializing in retail. That is why they decided to contact the best company in injection mold for their basket demands to be used in their retail shops all around Europe.


We pride ourselves with the nesting-stacking perforated plastic baskets that were producing for them. They are made out of 100% Virgin PP material and the basket swing bars are made out of nylon. We all know Carrefour traditional colors, since we provided customized color for all the plastic products that we produce for low quantity of only 100pcs they were able to choose the color of the baskets and the color of the basket swing bars, personalizing it to match their corporation traditional colors.


Our plastic mesh baskets with swing bars are made to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh at all times, with the perforated body and base. Its also easy to wash your fruits and vegetables on the basket since water will run through, while you toss and turn your harvested products.The mesh design will also keep anything that you store on this basket fret as it allows the air to run through.


When empty our baskets can be nested to one another saving 75% of space, all you need to do when nesting our baskets, turn those swing bars outside and you can nest them as easy like that, when in use or loaded with something all you need to do is turn the swing bars inside and you can put the basket on top of the other.There is a special design as well the will keep baskets stable while moving around making sure the stacked baskets does not fall.


What blows my mind the most about my favorite product on our product list is the big loading capacity of 30 kgs and in bearing capacity which is 180 kgs meaning on top of these basket you can still stack even when fully loaded up to 180 kgs. The good new about these baskets do not end there, did someone mention logo printing? We support this service meaning you can print your logo choosing from a wide range of printing styles that we have, either that being silkscreen printing style, hot stamping printing style, thermal printing style or laser printing style. All you gotta do is tell us what is your idea and our full of experience Sales Assistants will guide you through in to selecting the right logo branding.


Keep a close eye on our page as well bring you another story on our current and recent projects. 


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