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Plastic card board matters needing attention when using

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
1, to adapt to the environment temperature: - 25℃-80℃( Try to avoid the sun sunlight and away from heat) 。
2, all products can be according to customer request processing into the anti-static products, See technology center) 。
3, the quality guarantee period: under normal use, the product quality guarantee period is one year ( 12 months) , is broken by a change, so the fee shall be borne by the supplier ( Limited domestic) And the supplier to deal with problems arising from the use process have maintenance obligations, Except belong to product quality problem, artificial damage) 。 Buying plastic card board should choose a good manufacturer.
4, it is important to note that dynamic load, load, the difference between the library shelves load and vertical load, the bearing capacity of different and shelf structure, there is a close relationship between environment temperature and storage period.
5, plastic card board forklift product size error of plus or minus 2%, the weight of error of plus or minus 3%, all belong to enterprise standards allow. Free service if you have any questions after the quality guarantee period, if there is any breakage three bad card board can change a new card board, so the cost borne by the demand side.
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