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Plastic Collapsible Crate with Lid

Plastic Collapsible Crate with Lid


Are you in a moving or storage industry? Well Shanghai Qusheng Plastic has something special for you.Think of the boxes or crates to use for office relocation and home moving? Think, Shanghai Qusheng. We offer a unique yet durable, eco-friendly crates in a form of collapsible boxes to make your moving even easier.

Our plastic collapsible crates comes with and without the lid. The lid has anti-theft locking hole to protect valuables when moving. Doesn’t end there as our foldable moving boxes has space where you can place your label, so that you know what’s in each and every box. Folding plastic moving boxes are not just your normal moving crates, they save you up to 75% when folded. That’s saves you time and money. They are reusable and are made out of 100% virgin PP material.

Let’s give you a quick sneak peek at our current project, look at the attached pictures. See how beautiful they are.... They’re available in different sizes from small to big.We are here for everyone, we support even startup companies, with our small MOQ that is 100pcs. Our plastic foldable moving crates with attached lid can be custom made. One box be a mixture of different colors. You don’t need to worry about the foldable moving crates, they are easy to assemble. Logo can be printed on these tote should you wish to print your business logo on them. World keeps changing now and then, get yourself our modern plastic foldable moving crate and with these you will get your company and brand noticed.

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