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Plastic containers are changing the world

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
It has been more than one hundred years since a plastic product was born in the world. Plastic products have occupied a pivotal position in the world after three important changes. We can see the changes that these plastic products have made to our lives from the changes in pots and pans in our daily lives. Now the Shanghai turnover box manufacturer is here to take the plastic crates as an example to talk about the huge role of plastic products in the world. Before explaining the tremendous changes that plastic turnover boxes have made to the world, let us take a look at such an example, which can give us a deeper understanding of the important role of plastic products in modern society. Qusheng Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Industrial Park is a manufacturer of plastic products. The plastic products they produce have reached more than 1,000 kinds, which are widely used in more than a dozen fields such as automobiles, medical, electronics, clothing, and logistics. After talking about the general direction, let us focus on a product of plastic products: plastic turnover box, let's take a look at the tremendous changes it has made to our lives! Before plastic crates existed in the crates industry, wooden crates were used. Although wooden turnover box has its own advantages, its disadvantages are also very obvious. It is made of wood, and its raw materials greatly limit its production scale. Coupled with the cumbersomeness of wooden products, it is not easy to carry and stack. In the modern society with the rapid development of e-commerce, this wooden turnover box with obvious shortcomings is no longer satisfied. So plastic turnover boxes came into being under the background of this era. Compared with wooden turnover boxes, plastic turnover boxes have the characteristics of easy production, convenient stacking, not easy to deform and collapse; good corrosion resistance; good toughness, good impact resistance, and long life. Once launched, it immediately seized the market in the turnover box industry. There is a saying in the world: the degree of development of a country's logistics industry is closely related to the number of plastic containers in the country. See the micro-knowledge, closed turnover box, a branch of the plastics industry, has such a big role, then the big category of plastic products can be imagined to change our world.
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