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Plastic packaging and plastic industry present situation analysis

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
Plastic packaging products mainly divided into two kinds of imported and domestic material. Packaging can be divided into domestic materials packaging and small packaging, packaging specifications, generally in 25 kg, the packing for the real thing, big packaging is generally used in deal, CARDS, or have some quality problems of product packaging. Based on cost considerations, domestic only shell using wooden packaging material. Packaging of imported raw materials, generally divided into the original package and color package, the package is generally used in authentic materials packaging, color packaging bags are commonly used to pack material, imported raw materials delivery generally has been shipping, railway or trucks, loading and unloading of the program is more, to prevent the broken package, the general configuration wood and plastic, wooden high compared to the cost of package materil about 50 yuan/ton, the model of high cost about 100 yuan/ton, and downstream preference in purchasing plastic packaging products.
in view of the situation of plastic supporting industry, zhangjiagang a large plastic enterprises ( Plastic annual capacity of 300000 pieces/year) Jian-xin zhu, a deputy general manager, according to the current domestic production enterprises currently has more than 30000 pieces/year Plastic collapsible crateproduction capacity of less than 70 enterprises, including jiangsu and zhejiang area currently USES molding enterprise has more than 30, output can be in 30 million yuan/year, 12 - blow molding production enterprises 13, the total capacity of up to about 2 million yuan/year. Domestic production tray with PE material on behalf of the grades 1158, 5420, T60 - 800, 8008, 571 and 580.
according to zhu manager introduction, the author of plastic in cost accounting, cost = ( ( 12000 + 11600) * 1/2. 15) / * 28 = 1000 380 yuan/piece ( Formula: 12000 and 11600 respectively, high-end and low-end raw materials prices, 0. 15 for the process cost, 28 kg average quality of plastic holder) , the plastic price is in 420 yuan/piece, plastic holder profit values in 40 yuan/piece ( Or 1429 yuan/ton) , compared with the double membrane annual average 300 yuan/ton of small profits, profits are considerable. With the mass production of the coal to olefin plant, raw material prices or continue to reduce, plastic holder further reduce the production cost, improve competitiveness of its relative wooden splints.
because of foreign trade, transportation, warehousing logistics industry maintain rapid growth. For cargo handling, the turnover and enterprise, stacking velocity and quality requirements more and more high, enables to realize large-tonnage loading and unloading, fast, efficient, quick and dispatching neatly stacking pallet dosage increased significantly. Development prospect of domestic plastic holder industry is still relatively optimistic

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