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Plastic pallet cost reduction method

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
Today, in the increasingly fierce competition in the plastic pallet, plastic pallet manufacturers how to under the premise of quality assurance to reduce a little cost to maintain the livelihood of enterprise? Plastic pallet manufacturers leader should know, in fact, plastic pallet manufacturers should understand, the pallet cost control channels, the development of direct channel is the implementation of the basic content of demand chain management of marketing channel cost control is the key of the three companies to build core competitive advantages link! If the direct sales model are adopted to decrease the cost in the future sales became a common development of the service quality of the three companies, in terms of pallet money back is not restricted by the hierarchy of distribution channels, will develop into a feature of your company!
plastic pallet manufacturers have launched their own marketing channels in order to obtain the competitive advantage, but the difference in the development of direct selling channels at the same time all efforts will be make full use of their old channel. Take entity retail channels and distribution terminal and service terminal of common construction methods, through the construction of harmonious tray channel relations increase trust between each channel subject to avoid the increased cost of channels. In the tray to five kinds of mode in the construction of the downstream channel, paying attention to the products of diversified products and leading to drive 5 kinds of channels to make full use of, including individual consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, such as many customers with different types and their products and business systems, etc. Obviously, is through the channels of aggregation effect and product combination effect to effectively reduce channel costs. Pallet manufacturers searching for ways to achieve product value-added is the difficult problem of implementation of demand chain management in terms of product value-added, industry did not scale of value-added solutions. And their respective in value-added products make a certain exploration. Tray product positioning in the high price. It is more of the efforts of product value-added in the choice of suppliers. Has a strong research and development capabilities, manufacturing capacity, financial ability and quality, cost control ability and flexible supply ability of the company is likely to become a supplier.
plastic pallet manufacturers to design their own dynamic pricing engine, by irregular consumption discounts to attract customers. Discount for new products is often in a 7 fold to discount, and during the period of discount, tray enterprises for new product configuration tested constantly updated, but the configuration is updated product will not increase in price, its promotional discounts plus product configuration update free of charge, make the product value has improved. On the other hand, with the appearance of the novel, but not because of the development fee and proportional push up prices, making consumers pay attention to appearance, more preference for the product.
to increase customer value by means of tray bespoke to strengthen service is the guarantee of realization of demand chain operation flow determines the various flow velocity and flow rate, it throughout the supply chain, is also the important node of the demand chain. Tray service is divided into a variety of, have to order service, sales channels and after-sales service, etc.
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