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Plastic pallet delivery standards and requirements

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
The advantages of plastic tray direct transport
the customer after the acquisition of plastic tray, usually choose land transport is given priority to. So, what are the matters needing attention in the process of shipping?
a. Delivery vehicles of selected: usually domestic truck length is 6. 8 meters, 9. 6 meters, 13. 5 meters, 17. 5 meters. From the varieties can be divided into small trucks, gaolan, high chassis. From the bearing the number of trays, high chassis truck is most appropriate.
2, loading process: loading usually machinery forklift truck loading operation, in a process to maintain the uniform speed in a and up and down, deviations pallet jack position to prevent sudden brake, turn lead to damage.
3, sealing process: carrying plastic tray ChuDu drivers don't know how to seal the car, the goods in accordance with the generally, sealing the car usually leads to the breakage of the plastic tray. Generally recommend that use splint to fixed tray.
do a good job in the above three, can greatly to ensure the safety of plastic tray in the transport process will not damage maybe because formed by kneading each other damage.
the main principle of plastic pallet handling is much less. Number of handling to reduce as much as possible. In order to improve the transport efficiency, reducing work reprinted as much as possible, of course. But the transportation accident on the way of change is a lot of homework. Railway operations, for example, on a line of transport is a complete, but before and after the operation, need from six to eight times less, it will lose the effect of the plastic pallet.
the Plastic collapsible crateneed to do work on quality assurance, each related practitioners should fulfill the responsibility themselves, it also cannot leave everyone agree to cooperate, work together to make the tray quality better.

on the contrary, if the goods are starting to install plastic tray, no matter how complex the goods storage and process on the way, don't change the original state of the goods, through to the finish, can give full play to the effect of the pallet. A plastic tray direct transport, or by any mode of transport form joint direct transport and units to the transportation industry and the use of material, can be very good transportation economy effect.

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