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Plastic pallet handling function

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
has evolved from the bracket, a long time ago, factories and other places started with bracket handling materials and semi-finished products. Thus, plastic tray with handling the indissoluble bond.
(1) the plastic pallet as handling tools used, and the integration of forklift truck operation can significantly improve the handling speed, improve the working efficiency, shorten the operation time.
(2) the use of Plastic collapsible cratefor handling can relieve numerous hard physical labor, reduce the inductrial injury accident, achieve the 'people-oriented'.
3. Plastic pallet handling, can make the forklift, crane, conveyor and other machinery and equipment, give full play to the function for the handling of mechanization and automation to create favorable conditions.
(4) some workplaces height has certain limitations, carrying weight when unable to use the crane, can only use forklift and plastic tray, to complete the effective combination, in this case, the plastic tray in a irreplaceable position.

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