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Plastic pallet is better than that of wooden pallets

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
A decade ago, wooden pallets because of its solid structure and overload capacity in tray application fields and over half; Ten years later, plastic pallet rise rapidly, as use of the world's biggest pallet. The personage inside course of study points out, is expected in the next few years, the market share of the Plastic collapsible crateis expected to expand further, its applications will also be further. Plastic pallet manufacturer, http://www. qihuatuopan。 . net /
the famous American market-research firm Freedonia group, reported that the current U. S. Plastic collapsible crateannual consumption of 1. 1 billion only. In the next few years, the plastic tray usage will be 2. At a rate of 4% growth, is expected in 2017 the country's plastic tray consumption will amount to 2. 6 billion.
the agency said that plastic pallet is in a few years to replace wooden tray become market to be bestowed favor on newly, because the tray with excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance and flame retardant.
in recent years, the transportation demand for plastic tray strength increased year by year. According to the local a plastic pallet manufacturers, compared with other materials, Plastic collapsible cratequality light, can reduce fuel consumption in the transport process, thus for merchandise manufacturers to save transportation costs.
to better meet market demand, the company called CABKA plastic container manufacturer has introduced a model for CPP200 new plastic tray. This tray is 32 inches long, 24 inches wide, 5. 1 inch, net weight is only 8. 5 lb. According to CABKA company, compared with the traditional plastic tray, a new type tray with renewable PE materials, and on the design and safety performance has great improvement, will be more suitable for cargo packing.
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