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Plastic pallet load and what factors have a relationship?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
Plastic pallet load and what factors have a relationship? Small make up then make a brief introduction for you.

one, on the bearing greatly influenced by gravity of the plastic tray material is its manufacturing. If all materials are made of new material and other additives added, so the plastic tray (in each aspect Dynamic load, static load, shelf load) The bearing performance of gravity is relatively good. in whole or in part by recycling and use of materials, has a better performance. At the time of purchase, therefore, we need to clear about their production material, when the manufacturer delivery fee, check the quality of the plastic tray. If you use the material shortage, the use of the product would also be affected.

2, some plastic tray can have built-in steel pipe. built-in steel tube, can improve the bearing capacity of the pallet, prolong the service life of the tray. Generally speaking, the shelves of tray is a steel tube with built-in design, therefore, when the goods packed in pallets part weight will be applied on the steel tube, thereby reducing the load of plastic tray, and less deformation of the plastic tray, so as to prolong the shelf life. The service life of plastic tray. In plastic pallet on the shelves can be very safe loading of the goods.

3, the structure of the tray bearing capacity has a great influence on the tray. Ship bottom type, shelf bearing ability is quite good, the structure can meet the length direction of the use of manual hydraulic pallet, forklift truck, machinery forklift in the width direction. Is square at the bottom of the frame structure, make more even, at the bottom of the pile under more gravity. Nine foot type bearing low gravity, force nine at the bottom of the foot, the upper hollow, suitable for carrying lighter goods, its weight is lighter. Double-sided plastic tray, fluctuation structure is the same, the structure design more reasonable, piled up, the stress is more uniform. Therefore, the gravity load capacity is very big also. In short, if the structure of the plastic tray design is reasonable, the tray body force uniform. As long as all other aspects, the bearing capacity of the Plastic collapsible crateis big.

the above content of the plastic pallet small make up, this paper views do not represent the views.
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