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Plastic pallet manufacturers about special kinds shelf tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
An adaptive welding device including the base, shelves, trays, set on the base of two parallel axis of the first mobile device, axis perpendicular to the first axis of mobile device Settings of the second mobile device, set in the second axis of mobile device on the vertical axis of the mobile device, and set on the vertical axis of mobile device at the bottom of the laser vision sensors and welding-torch gesture mechanism; The second axis at both ends of the mobile devices are respectively connected with the first axis of a mobile device. Laser visual sensor weld image collected and stored in the computer through image acquisition card, computer image processing and weld position their torch walking system through movement control CARDS control precision welding. Advantage: strong adaptability, can accurately identify the shelf tray weld position, strong expansibility, low cost, simple control efficiency and reliability. Second, three-dimensional core library shelves use bracket type plate type tray is solid core library shelves use bracket type plate type tray, the utility model consists of plate type of tray, separate the handle and ground support, including by rectangle plate type tray, bearing plate, credit card bore the binding and handle articulated; Access operations, shelve unit goods in cargo or so on both sides of the bracket, joists, stacker pallet fork by goods bottom clearance in and out, from the bottom of the plate type tray fork unit goods; According to the permanent physical geological data and the characteristics of logistics not outbound, the utility model provides a solid core library shelves use bracket type plate type tray, space height of 20 ~ 50 mm, can reduce, shelves and warehouse stacker height, can also increase the cargo layer, improve the capacity of; Plate type tray or unit goods on shelves and conveyor line, by logistics mechanical automatic operation, the work area outside the conveyor line operations, should be fixed installation ground support, facilitate fork fork. Artificial mobile empty tray, hooked up to handle the handle is articulated on the hole will be separated, in place after separation.
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