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Plastic pallet manufacturers custom plastic pallet details need to communicate with customers

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
For custom plastic pallet mould quotation, the material of mold design general design since 300000.
the mould cost can be in accordance with the previous advances, partial share, or a carte Blanche patterns such as cooperate with our company.
to die after completion of all open, back to the factory, your needs is completely custom products are as the next processing complete! The types of common plastic tray in chongqing?
to dwell on the type of plastic pallet is too much, then we will simply said that we often contact with plastic pallet types are: shandong double-sided tray, the shelf tray in shandong, shandong grid tray plastic tray, shandong fruit tray, shandong, sichuan words to wait for a few kinds.
but this kinds of Plastic collapsible crateinside and contains many specifications.
for example in southern shandong plastic tray is also called plastic pallet, plastic pallet can be subdivided into plastic pallet, plastic pallet pluggable, folding plastic pallet, plastic pallet, fruit department plastic pallet
EU box is divided into 148 mm and 280 mm for where to choose the right plastic tray used in chongqing?
shandong plastic tray demand customer note: custom plastic tray need extra attention to the size of the plastic tray, and the use of the type of forklift. Avoid custom completed, and forklift model mismatch, unable to use.
specifications and models of various plastic tray has a different application advantages, especially in the transportation sector, generally speaking, there are questions about Plastic collapsible cratetype is the most value, lost items, after all, sometimes also can have light weight, size, so, when different specifications of plastic tray of choose and buy must pay more attention to.
first, the choice depending on the type of forklift plastic tray
when a customer the first thing to consider when choosing plastic tray procurement double-sided plastic tray or single plastic tray? According to different types of forklifts to choose, if you use the forklift is manual hydraulic forklift or hybrid mechanical and manual hydraulic forklift, so double-sided plastic tray is the best choice. If you use the forklift is electrical and mechanical forklift, purchasing double and single tray can be.
2, selection of plastic tray price
the customer when purchasing plastic pallet manufacturers tend to be blind to the product price, purchase traps, the first thing to choose well-known manufacturers of plastic tray products. Big brand products because of the raw materials come from formal channels, to produce the product quality can be at ease use, the cheap small manufacturers of plastic tray, often on the raw materials, and at the same time, reduce the traveler also reduces the product quality and price.
the third shelf and the choice of the plastic tray
if the plastic pallet is used for three-dimensional storage shelves, first of all to consider the structure of the tray is in line with the shelves. Usually on the shelf only from two directions from the pick up the goods, so the plastic tray for shelves should be as far as possible choose to fork into four field type tray, so even if the forklift fork take goods, but also can greatly improve work efficiency.
questions about specifications of plastic tray is introduced, the problem must attract the attention of each homework personnel, thus to effectively avoid all kinds of transportation, at the same time also can ensure the safety of the transport of goods storage.

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