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Plastic pallet manufacturers: do you know about plastic pallet forming method

by:Qusheng     2020-11-07
is used very widely now, so plastic pallet manufacturers today to tell you, four forming method of plastic tray.

plastic tray has the following four kind of forming method:

the first: extrusion - Hollow blow molding in

extrusion - plastic tray Hollow blow molding and blow molding hollow products in general, because of its product is bigger, and the double type, need larger extrusion machine, clamping machine and mould, etc. At present domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed specialized high-speed production of high strength mega blow molding machines, blow molding tray HMWHDPE high strength plastic production, molding speed, good product quality, high strength, high stiffness, very long service life, general blow molding tray service life can reach 5 ~ 10 years, can be in - at the same time 40 ~ 40 ℃ under the environment of stable job. The dynamic load of their products can reach above 3 t, bending strength achieves a higher level. Is that need to be long life, high strength and using the environment of choice for tray, now the prices higher than other plastic tray, because its service life is long, so its price is the highest of all pallets. This method with the price of molding equipment greatly reduce, will get rapid development in recent years. To save the limited petroleum resources and save the logistics cost has a great advantage.

the second: injection molding in

plastic injection molding in the production of plastic tray products smooth, bright and clean, crisp, and close-grained, product design degrees of freedom is bigger, can be divided into double integral plastic tray and double packaged plastic tray.

type double integral tray general product weight over 15 kg/piece, the shape is more complex, required clamping force in more than 2500 tons of injection molding machine production. The tray shape is complex, investment is large, the cost is high, but because of the production process, less relatively high production efficiency, product quality is better. General plastic processing plants are using this method is not much.

type double packaged tray, the tray type double integral is divided into two pieces, molding and then assembled respectively. Although this product should be 2 vice mold, mold structure is greatly reduced, mold the total investment is still cheaper than integral, at the same time, it reduces the equipment meets the requirements of the clamping force, clamping force 1500 tons or more, general plastic processing plants are relatively easy to do. This way of production may become the mainstream of plastic tray production.

the third: extrusion molding in the

the production of plastic pallets are packaged. Namely, using equipment of extruder, head, respectively extrusion as upper and lower panels with slats and as support in connection with the complex wing of i-section connecting plate, and then assembled. The emergence of wood plastic composite, promote the development of the extrusion molding in the plastic tray. It is a natural plant fiber ( Including wood powder shells, straw, rice husk, etc. ) And waste plastic as main raw materials, Plastic collapsible cratehas woodiness feeling already, but also has the advantages of resistance to water, the pest, and planing, sawing, nailing. In four kinds of molding in the production equipment, mould least input, lowest cost, best price performance ratio, Beijing, guangdong and other places is the product to produce.

4 kinds: vacuum plastic molding in

vacuum plastic molding in the production of plastic tray type also have single and double type two kinds. Single type blister tray for small motor ( Like a vacuum cleaner motor, electric tools, etc. ) And wire wheel such as packaging, transportation, the recent development of faster, and give priority to with special. Type double blister tray are packaged, in two forms: the upper piece of fixed length, width of the plastic panel, the second half of the piece for a large vacuum suction plastic products; On, the second half of the pieces are large vacuum suction plastic products. The plastic molding need large vacuum equipment, lower equipment cost, mould cost is lower, but the product thickness is not uniform.
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