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Plastic pallet manufacturers focus on road

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
At present to overcome Plastic collapsible cratediversification, go the way of business flow dispersion, logistics concentration is needed. To improve the traditional literature hall type. To establish a permanent plastic tray wholesale market, prompted hair goods shop wholesale center gradually to the plastic tray and the function transformation of storage and transportation center. ( See about the June 92 'logistics plastic signs up for') Logistics plastic department put forward 'storage center' for three years. Over the past three years, people become more and more realize the established plastic pallet storage and transportation, Logistics) Center for at least the following benefits: to facilitate unified management; 13 after processing unified delivery. Make more total logistics concentration under centralized, to meet the requirements of railway unitized; To many slits, decentralised plastic pallet delivery, improve the loading capacity of transportation, save the freight, reduction step of damage; To concentrate on plastic plastic club; Reduce the national overall investment, improve equipment utilization, and gradually to develop in the direction of large logistics. Four, to overcome the concentrate on one thing only. Realize the function under the planned economy. More plastic pallet logistics industry is a service in our country.
in the tide of market economy, now don't participate in operation will not be able to development, at present a lot of plastic pallet logistics department of the third industry, some local conditions opened the hotel; Some launched services company; Some will spare warehouse rental. This two years. More when the new pull up the banner of 'transportation agency', broke the closed management system, behind the establishment of a new type and the market economic operation mechanism conforms to the open management system, make a plastic pallet logistics is an plastic club. To order, drop shipping, transportation, generation knot; 2 it is geared to the needs of society's most took the packing and shipping and other business and society and the formation of social association, mutual benefit and reciprocity, equal consultation, self-discipline, and common development, all members to integrate your, rights, benefits and interests sharing, with the risk. Fifth, attaches great importance to the software construction, to make scientific management. Plastic pallet logistics industry in China is far from reach the level of scientific management. Set in the logistics personnel equipped with, the use of equipment. Revision of various system, the determination of the relevant index to the norm, and there are some problems. Plastic pallet logistics managers must learn scientific and cultural knowledge, improve their own quality; Should attach great importance to the quality of team construction and personnel training; Want to use the scientific method, set up in the logistics and provide personnel, reduce the internal friction and the point of failure to develop a practical and feasible management system. All in all, one thousand ways to emphasize the software construction, to make scientific management.
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